Thursday, 29 October 2015

The Popularity of Adblocks and Anti-Adblocks

Adblocks and Anti-Adblocks

Many website owners rely on advertisers for their revenue. They display their advertisements on their pages and get paid for every view that they get. Sites that receive a huge number of traffic could earn a good amount of money through these ads. This is what allows them to continue providing people with free content.
Anti Ad Block

Internet users on the other hand just want to access the content of these sites without being disturbed by these advertisements. With the advancement of technology, small programs designed to block these unwanted ads were introduced.

The Popularity of Adblockers

The programs that were created to block ads on sites were called adblockers. During their early years, website owners didn’t really feel much of their effect since only a few number of people use them. However, when plugins became popular, it became more convenient to use adblockers on browsers, thus increasing the number of users.

The number of people using adblockers is continuously growing. Since they block ads, users find their browsing experience more enjoyable as they don’t have to play or watch ads just to access a site’s content. However, this isn’t a good news to website owners that rely on advertisements for revenue. Blocked ads are equal to money lost.

How to Bypass Adblock

Website owners who are losing money due to these adblockers have been looking for ways to bypass adblock. There are now companies offering anti adblock products allowing sites to still show the advertisements even when the user has an adblocker. These products block adblock when it’s detected. With this, site owners will continue to make money as the ads would still show up.

There are now adblockers that allow users to add specific sites on their white-list, which they feel have acceptable ads. The problem is that there are only very few adblockers that offer this feature as most of them block all ads on all websites. Moreover, users may still opt to block ads for all sites since this would be more convenient for them.

The most effective solution right now for sites to continue earning from their ads, is to use a program or product for adblock bypass. Some of these products would only detect who among your site visitors are using adblockers. From there, you can make your next action to block-adblock like giving them a notification asking them to disable their adblocker or redirecting them to an affiliate site.

However, the best products are those that would completely disable the adblockers. Even if you ask the users to disable their adblockers, they may still not do so. Redirecting them to another site may also not be too effective since they could just close the site as this is not what they were accessing after all. Using anti adblockers that would disable adblockers would ensure that advertisements would still be displayed no matter what so website owners would continue to make their revenue. AdReclaim and REVdefender are included in the top 10 anti adblock products that website owners may consider using.